Shakti Leadership Journey in Israel

Step Out: Regain Paradise

The Journey to Abundance through Scarcity

(Photo credit: Michal Mudrik)

November 14-18, 2017 

(dates to be confirmed based on response, since they coincide with Thanksgiving)

Join us on a mythic journey to the Holy Land on a quest of inner transformation, and racial, ethnic and gender reconciliation. From the Golan Heights to the Sea of Galilee, we travel through the spectacular valley of the Jordan River—the sacred Spine of Israel—down to the Dead Sea, and finally, we enter the Heart of Israel, Jerusalem.

If you feel called to come of age as the new Adam or the new Eve, you are invited to serve, revitalize and restore the Anima Mundi—the World Soul—and regain paradise.

Day 1, Tuesday November 14

We meet at 8am in Tel Aviv and board the bus heading up north to Galilee. We will start the first day hiking down  into Alma Cave, the deepest cave in Israel.

We will descend into the darkness of the earth until we meet the underground spring bursting from in-between the stones, symbolizing Shakti, the pure, unlimited, creative and energizing power of life within the earth and inside of each of us*.

At midday we will enjoy a small picnic lunch.

By afternoon we will head to Rugum El- Hiri, an ancient megalithic monument dating back to the Early Bronze Age. The site consists of stones shaped into a few large circles, probably used as an astronomy and worship area.

We will stay the night at the ancient city of MIGDAL believed to be home to Mary Magdalene.

*Mythic meaning: Activating the 1st Chakra – Kundalini Spring in Alma Cave

Rugum El Hiri (c.c tiuli)

Day 2, Wednesday November 15

The day will start with the beautiful site of Magdala, the archaeological site of the ancient village Migdal, home of Mary the Magdalene. A newly built church on the site is dedicated to women of the Bible, bringing the light of the new era.

We will continue the day driving along the Sea of Galilee to the site of Tabgha—meaning “seven springs”—the place of the miracle of the loaves and fish.

We will end the day at Degania Dam, which regulates water levels in the Sea of Galilee, but ostensibly blocks its water from flowing down to the Jordan River, the spine of the land of Israel. Here we will hold a prayer circle, as this is a symbol of the block of life energy that does not flow freely in these times.

We will stay the night at kibbutz Tirat Tzvi in the Valley of the Springs.

*Mythic meaning: Awakening the 2nd chakra (womb) Holy Grail of Magdalene

Sea of Galilee ( )

Day 3, Thursday November 16

Bet She’an National Park: the city of Bet She’an has been an important junction between all empires of the ancient Near-East. Our work here will focus upon the Egyptian and Philistine layers, dating back to 1500 BC and even before that.

The treat of the day is the unique site of Gilgal near Argaman: an ancient foot-shaped worshiping site, thought to be one of the first religious sites marked by the ancient Israelites after the exodus from Egypt*.

We will spend the night in the lowest and most magical place on earth, the Dead Sea.

*Mythic meaning: Initiating the 3rd chakra (digestion / assimilation of different powers and influences)


Gilgal Argaman (photo by Israel today)

Day 4, Friday November 17

We will start the day at Qumran Caves*, home of the Essenes and possibly the first Christians, writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

We will experience a ritual baptism in Qasr el-Yahud, the baptism site in the Jordan River Valley. This will be our spiritual birth before heading up to Jerusalem and to the view point overlooking the city at Mount Scopus.

We will spend the night in Jerusalem.

*Mythic meaning: 4th chakra portal to sacred heart cave. Re-birth / soul awakening (Qumran)

Day 5, Saturday November 18

From Mt. Scopus, we will walk down and enter the Old City by foot through Lion’s Gate to reach the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (though no ceremony is allowed inside). Another option is a walking tour of the City of David, first palace of King David and underground water tunnel dating back to the Biblical times.

(Photo credit: Efrat Sarig Ben-Chanoch)

In accordance with the opening hours, we will visit the Dormition Abbey: a round shaped church dedicated to the eternal sleep of the Virgin Mary: our work there will focus on awakening the feminine energy and invoking Her as the Divine Mother of all.

The tour will end in the holy atmosphere of the Last Supper Room, and final #RiseInLoveTogether ceremony on the rooftop of the building that combines holy sites of all three religions of Jerusalem.

*Mythic meaning: Return as the King / Queen of our personal Holy Land. We come as the Lion/Lioness into our new life, assured of Holy Food (Last Supper), Holy Water (King David’s underground water), Holy Shelter (Mother Mary’s eternal womb-space). Our three basic Human needs are now met to become Divine Humans on Paradise Earth.

(Photo credit: Efrat Sarig Ben-Chanoch)

(Photo credit: Michal Mudrik)

The Fee for the 5-day Shakti Study tour is Israeli Shekel ILS 4120 (USD 1125 as of April 2017) per person, on a twin-share basis, for a minimum group size of 12 people.

Please Note:

  • In some places single or triple rooms may be possible. Let us know at the time of registration if you wish to book these, and we will inform you about the rates accordingly
  • The price is quoted in Israeli Shekel, and the exchange rate at the time of the tour will apply.

It is a land tour, ex-Tel Aviv and includes:

#All facilitation, lectures, rituals, prayer-meditation for personal and collective healing, growth and transformation.

#Transportation in air conditioned bus

# full board (breakfast, light lunch, dinner) and lodging in 3 stars hotels for 4 nights

# Entry fees to all sites

We will be led by Nilima Bhat, coauthor of Shakti Leadership and My Cancer Is Me, and Sheli Askolie, an expert on the Holy Land and its presence of the Divine Feminine. Our local partner and organizer is Efrat Sarig Ben-Chanoch, an experienced yoga teacher and licensed acupuncturist.

It does not include :

#Flights or transfer from Airport on arrival

# Hotel in Tel Aviv.
(You may contact these travel agents directly: Moshe Azar: and Liat Sela:

# Tips to drivers/escorts/guides and expenses of personal nature like phone calls, portage, internet usage, etc.

# Medical Insurance

#Transportation from Jerusalem to the airport, if one chooses to stay an additional day in Jerusalem.

*If some participants go directly to the Airport on our last day, we can make a stop at the Airport on the way back to Tel Aviv on Saturday Nov 18.

Please note, the tour is ex-Tel Aviv.
Tour starts at 8AM on Nov 14

Tour ends at around 5PM on Nov 18.

International flights and visa for Israel are to be arranged by you. The travel agent can assist you with this. Email: Moshe Azar: & Liat Sela:

Registration by 15 August 2017

The last date for registration and receiving the full amount of USD 1125 is 15 August 2017. Late registration fee will be USD 100 extra.

To register contact Efrat Sarig Ben-Chanoch at, copy to

Group size will be minimum 12 and maximum 24 people. Register early to avoid disappointment.
– If we do not get 12 registrants, we will refund your money by September 15, 2017.

Cancellation clause
– Should we be exactly 12 registrants on and after September 15, 2017, we will not be able to refund your money, should you cancel for any reason, since this will impact the cost structure for everyone else.

Additional Notes:

  • Please note it is a hectic tour so we would not encourage tourists with any physical challenges. Also, it is a pilgrimage for inner transformation, gender and racial reconciliation and peace as much as it for conscious capitalists. So all seekers on these paths are welcome!
  • The travel agent can also arrange for short extension tours of other sites not on the itinerary. Contact: Moshe Azar: & Liat Sela: to know more. So plan on arriving by Nov 17 or 18 in to Israel if you can. _/\_